The ESNcard is the membership card of ESN which means that you can access to all the services offered by the ESN and our partners.

With the ESNcard, you will enjoy thousands of discounts (housing, sport, food, bars, etc.) all over Europe. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to participate in thousands of events (trips, cultural events, sports activities and parties) all year long.

The aim of the ESNcard is to support and give opportunities to international students during and after their exchange.

The ESNcard is used by over 100.000 people per year in 36 countries, and the numbers are growing every year.
You can get the ESNcard, if you belong to one of the following groups:
- You are currently an international student (e.g Erasmus or any other exchange programme)
- You are a volunteer in ESN Teramo

The ESNcard is sold in almost all the countries (40) where ESN is present by the ESN sections which are non-profit student organisations.

The ESNcard can be obtained exclusively from your local ESN section.
You can find the ESNcard in our office in Via Renato Balzarini,1. The price is 10€ and is valid for one year, remember to bring a passport, ID card or driving license and a photo with you!

Go to and find all the discounts all over Europe. 
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